When snow builds up on your roof and gutters, it can cause all sorts of problems. The snow may be so heavy that it rips your gutters off or blocks water from making its way out. Water can freeze and create ice dams if it cannot get out. This causes many issues, such as damaged shingles and even structural water damage. Hence, it is important to keep snow from blocking your gutters. Here are some tips for keeping your gutters free of snow.

Clean Your Gutters Before Winter

You want to head into winter with gutters free of leaves, sticks, and other debris. These things catch snow and can lead to blocked gutters much faster than if they were clean. If you’re not a fan of being on a ladder, you can hire someone to clean them for you.

This is also a good time to ensure your gutters are in good shape. If they are loose or have connection issues, you might want to consider replacing them before the winter season. You can also reinforce your gutters so they can handle more weight. Snow can be heavy, and even if it isn’t blocking your gutters, it can rip them off.

Install Gutter Guards

You can also be proactive and install gutter guards that keep help keep debris and snow from clogging your gutters. At Hammer Down Exteriors, we offer LeafX gutter helmets to help keep your gutters free of snow.

Heated Cables

An alternative to gutter guards is to install heated cables that keep the gutters warm. This prevents snow from building up and keeps water flowing through the gutters. Heated cables are great for areas that seem prone to ice dams.

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Brent Hulsey

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