Maintaining a sturdy roof allows you to keep your family and possessions safe. Signs of weathered shingles or spots of sagging may indicate that you’re due for roof replacement. While repairs might be viable, there are times when replacing the entire roof is more cost-effective. Let’s go through some of the reasons to contemplate new roofing.

You Have an Older Roof

A roof’s life expectancy depends on which material it’s made from. Consider the average longevity of various roofing materials:

  • Metal: 40–100 years
  • Wood shakes/shingles: 15–20 years
  • Asphalt shingles: 10–30 years
  • Tile/concrete: 50–100 years
  • Slate: 60–150 years

The lifespan of a metal roof depends on the type of metal it’s made from. While copper can last as long as 70 years, zinc may last for upwards of 100 years. If you believe that your roof is reaching the end of its lifespan, replacing the roof entirely may be the best option.

In the event that your roof uses asphalt shingles, it’s possible to overlay all existing shingles with new ones, which reduces the installation time and total project costs. While overlaying is a legitimate option, replacing your roof allows you to catch problems that may exist underneath the main material. What’s more, this cannot be done repeatedly.

You Notice Areas of Sagging

Sagging and drooping spots are indicators that the support structure for your roof has weakened because of moisture, which means that your roof may need to be totally redone. You can have your roof inspected to determine if this issue is present. In the event that the roof feels spongy to walk on, it’s likely that the roofing materials and some of the structure beneath should be replaced.

You Detect Exterior Damage

Even when a roof isn’t that old, a replacement might be required. A visual inspection of the roof will tell you if the damage is extensive enough to warrant a replacement. If shingles are damaged or missing, it’s likely that the roof is degrading in quality. Additional signs of damage on shingles include buckling, warping, and curling. The signs of damage on slate, clay, rubber, or metal roofs include missing pieces, dented areas, worn spots, and cracking.

There may also be areas on the roof that are particularly prone to being damaged. For instance, the slopes and valleys of a roof are more susceptible to damage than other areas. The valleys are designed to direct water from rain and snow into the nearby gutters. If there’s any damage on the valleys or slopes, water leaks are more likely. Gutters and downspouts should also be inspected to determine the extent of the damage.

If you notice shingle granules in the gutters, the roof may be wearing down. When numerous granules are coming off the roof, this is indicative of hail damage. The exact type and cause of the damage need to be identified to determine if a repair would be sufficient or if it’s better to replace the whole roof with more durable materials.

You Can See Daylight

Another clear place to search for roof damage is in your attic. When a roof is in great condition, there’s no reason that you should be able to view daylight through the roof boards. If you notice daylight, this is a sign that the materials have been severely degraded. There’s also a good chance that moisture has seeped into the attic. The presence of water stains on insulation or roof boards indicates a leaky roof.

You Believe Your Energy Bills Are Too High

In the hottest and coldest months of the year, maintaining the temperature in your home requires consistent energy. A high-quality roof keeps the air inside, which results in your energy bills being lower.

If there are leaks in your roof, air will escape, which makes it more difficult for the HVAC unit to regulate the temperature. The material and color of the roof can also make a difference. Reflective surfaces repel heat from the sun and provide some natural insulation for your home.

If you would like to have your current roof replaced, our team at Hammer Down Exteriors can guide you through this process. When you request our roof replacement services, we can help you select the best materials and understand the exact costs of the project at hand. Some of the additional services available from us include storm damage restoration, window installation, and gutter installation. Contact us at Hammer Down Exteriors today to schedule service for your home anywhere in West Lafayette, IN.

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