West Lafayette, IN is no stranger to extreme weather. From hail and windstorms to intense rain, ice and, snow, all of this precipitation and force can lead to excessive wear and tear on your roof. Pest activity, nearby trees, and UV exposure also causes roofs to wear out. At Hammer Down Exteriors, we offer roof inspections to identify problems before they become an urgent issue or cause any structural damage to your home. Let’s take a look at how often you should have a roof inspection.

Annual Roof Inspection

We recommend an annual roof inspection for all homes in West Lafayette. The best time for this is on a dry, clear day after any dew or frost has dissipated. This allows our roofers to take a close look and check your roof for curled or missing shingles, popped nails, rusted or missing flashing, and other signs of problems.

Before Buying or Selling

Before you buy or sell a home in West Lafayette, schedule a roof inspection. Knowing the condition of the roof gives you peace of mind and helps prevent unexpected repair or replacement bills. Awareness of the roof’s condition gives you the chance to replace it before selling, which could facilitate a faster transaction. As a buyer, getting the roof inspected gives you more room to negotiate a fair price with the seller.

After Severe Weather

After a storm with winds greater than 40 miles per hour, schedule a roof inspection. We also recommend a roof inspection after an ice storm or a hailstorm, no matter what the size of the hailstones. If any part of a tree falls on your roof during a storm, arrange for a prompt roof inspection afterwards.

If you’re not in need of a roof inspection today, our crew at Hammer Down Exteriors also offers roof repair, installation, and replacement. Count on us for gutter, siding and window installation as well. We also offer storm damage restoration, and we’ll work with your insurance company for full repairs of your roof. For more information about how often to have your roof inspected, get in touch with us at Hammer Down Exteriors today.

Brent Hulsey

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