A roof plays several roles such as regulating the home’s temperature or keeping the elements out. If you don’t adequately maintain the roof, it can falter or become completely obsolete years before the end of its scheduled useful life. You can avoid serious issues by knowing when it’s time to call a professional roofer.

Schedule an Annual Roof Inspection

Ideally, you will schedule a routine inspection once a year to catch minor issues before they have a chance to get worse. The height and angle of the roof make it easy to miss shingle, gutter, or other problems unless you know what you’re looking for. An annual inspection can also help to keep an existing warranty intact or otherwise ensure that you’re keeping up with your overall home maintenance duties.

The team at Hammer Down Exteriors in Lafayette, IN can perform roof inspections thoroughly and professionally. If any problems need to be addressed, our team of professionals will work with you to resolve them in a timely and affordable manner. We can make repairs or perform an entire roof replacement whether it was damaged in a storm or is simply getting too old to function properly.

You See Signs of a Leak

Calling a professional is typically your best move if you notice signs of a roof leak. A leak may be the cause of stains on the ceiling or the distinct smell of mold or mildew wafting throughout the house.

You might also notice that the roof is starting to sag as water accumulates. If you don’t take care of the matter quickly, the roof could collapse and cause serious damage. Failing to take care of a roof leak may also cause secondary damage as moisture makes its way from the attic to the foundation.

The reason you need to call a professional is that you can’t be certain of where a leak is coming from without the proper tools and experience. While it may look like it’s coming from the roof, there is a chance that your attic or living room is simply where the water was able to gain initial entry into your home.

There Are Granules in the Gutters or Downspouts

Granules found in the gutter or downspout come from the shingles that sit atop the roof. Shingles can lose their granules after being hit by hail, heavy rain, or strong winds. They can also lose them because of old age. In either scenario, it is a clue that your roof is vulnerable to further damage unless you take action now.

A professional roofer can assess the situation to determine the extent of the problem. If only a few shingles are damaged, it may be possible to simply replace them to restore your roof to a functional state. Otherwise, the entire roof may need to be replaced.

You’re Going Through a Prolonged Cold Snap

A prolonged period of cold weather can result in snow melting off the roof during the day and freezing in the gutter at night. In some cases, the ice may remain for days at a time, which will result in an ice dam. Ultimately, this can cause moisture to push back under the shingles and into your home instead of through the gutters and away from your house. Depending on how much snow is on your roof, it may be possible to have someone come out before it is fully melted. Otherwise, you should call a roofing professional as soon as the weather moderates.

When Severe Weather Strikes

During the spring and fall months, you also likely need to be aware of severe weather events leading to high winds. When warm and cold masses meet during the transition from one season to the next, they can trigger an extreme event. Strong winds can easily rip dozens of shingles off your roof in a matter of seconds even if it was in good condition before the event. Lightning, hail, or heavy rain can also damage a roof that was in pristine condition before being damaged.

If you need roof repair or replacement services, give the team at Hammer Down Exteriors a call today. We can also help with window installation services as well as put in new siding either as part of a routine home improvement project or as part of a storm restoration project.

Brent Hulsey

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